Medical Augmented Reality at IEEE Virtual Reality 2012

Scanning the program of the conference IEEE Virtual Reality 2012 taking place in Orange County, California during March 4-8 shows that there was a quite large amount of medical oriented submissions. Among 23 papers and 56 posters, we found the following contributions that are related to the medical application domain. If you feel that your paper or poster is missing here, please let us know.

  • A Virtual Surgical Simulator for Mandibular Angle Reduction Based on Patient Specific Data
    Qiong Wang, Hui Chen, Wen Wu, Hai Yang Jin and Pheng Ann Heng
  • Augmented Reality Goggles with an Integrated Tracking System for Navigation in Neurosurgery
    Ehsan Azimi, Jayfus Doswell and Peter Kazanzides
  • The Integration of a Neurosurgical Microscope as an Interface to a Medical Training Simulator
    Florian Beier
  • Real-Time Evaluation and Visualization of Learner Performance in a Mixed Reality Environment for Clinical Breast Examination
    Aaron Kotranza, D Scott Lind and Benjamin Lok
  • Haptic Palpation for Medical Simulation in Virtual Environments
    Sebastian Ullrich and Torsten Kuhlen
  • mirracle: An Augmented Reality Magic Mirror System for Anatomy Education
    Tobias Blum, Valerie Kleeberger, Christoph Bichlmeier and Nassir Navab

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