Google’s Project Glass

Things shown in the following video have nothing to do with the medical world. Not yet! Most of the virtual content being projected into the view of the wearer of such google goggles is not even Augmented Reality by its original definition (registered in3D, in real time, and interactive) – if you want to insist on that definition. However, the important thing to note here is that a big player of the high tech media world attacks the topic Augmented Reality and shows in a very simple way where individuals can take advantage in their daily life.

For many of us it might sound annoying that suddenly virtual icons pop up in one’s view. Maybe it is even dangerous when thinking of crossing the road when an incoming phone call attracts your attention not only acoustically but also visually. These kinds of doubts might be ignored very quickly when you think of a complex task to be accomplished in professional life that requires lots of complex information at a high frequency in time critical situations. A surgeon trying to save the patient’s life would definitively benefit if crucial information such as vital parameters, time, imaging data, or, if the case is raw and complex, maybe even description of a surgical procedure is projected into his field of view. Of course – on demand.

If google starts selling this product, I bet that it will find very quickly its way into the operating theatres. So, let’s watch the video and get inspired what such a device could do for daily life in the medical field.

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