Prof. Henry Fuchs at documentary „The Machine that Changed the World: The Paperback Computer“ from 1992

I just found this TV documentary on youtube about computer science from 1992. At that time, the public was about to start using the internet as the most powerful information source that ever existed. At minute 46 the documentary starts reporting on computer graphics as well as alternative human-computer interfaces. It shows videos of Sutherland’s device also known as the “ultimate display”, which is considered as the birth of see-through head mounted displays. Also Henry Fuchs, one of the most important pioneers of Medical Augmented Reality, discusses his research addressing a HMD based user interfaces. In the same year, he and his colleagues applied see-through HMDs to medical applications (see also my earlier article on this blog).

  • Michael Bajura, Henry Fuchs, Ryutarou Ohbuchi: Merging virtual objects with the real world: seeing ultrasound imagery within the patient.
    SIGGRAPH 1992
  • I. Sutherland: The Ultimate Display.
    Proc. IFIP 65, 506–508, 1965

Enjoy and get inspired!

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