Metaio Conference InsideAR 2012

Metaio is one of the most successful companies driving their business based on Augmented Reality technology. At their annual conference InsideAR, 1st and 2nd of October 2012, a wide range of industries using Metaio technology, e.g. Lego, IKEA and many more have reported on their applications and the effects of AR on their businesses. In addition, partnering companies delivering 3rd party components, e.g. Vuzix, Nvidia, present their contributing devices at this event.

Unfortunately, we did not see Metaio products being applied to medical topics at the conference. However, the diversity of applications and the professional product presentation left the impression that AR will enter many further professional domains in the near future. The early adaptors have successfully implemented Augmented Reality in their sales and production processes to push their businesses. We have no doubt that others will follow.

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