ISMAR 2012 – Program is online now

On behalf of Raphael Grasset, I’d like to keep you updated about the preparations of ISMAR 2012.

The advanced program is now online at:

Some highlights of our ISMAR 2012 program:

  • 38 papers and 44 posters for both our „Science and Technology track“
    and „Arts, Media and Humanities“ track,
  • 4 Tutorials,
  • 3 Workshops,
  • A Doctoral Consortium,
  • BOF sessions,
  • 36 demonstrations and company exhibition,
    and a special demonstration event at Georgia Tech’s GVU and RIM Centers !
    ( and

We have two thrilling outstanding keynote speakers for this year:

  • Perry Hoberman – Portable Reality: Expanding Available Space
  • Shahram Izadi – A New Era of Human Computer Interaction

Venue & Registration
ISMAR 2012 will be held November 5-8, 2012 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and
Conference Center, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The hotel is located on the
Georgia Tech campus in midtown Atlanta, providing a central location and
all facilities for the conference.

Information about the conference or the hotel registration is available at:

Please note that Pre-Registration is ending October 26, 2012 !

Further Information & Contact

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