Next Phase of Google’s Project Glass

The next phase of the project glass has started! People behind the project announced an extension of the Glass Explorer Program to further develop the device and find exiting applications. In order to get one of the current Glasses you can propose an idea how to use the device. Unfortunately, this is only limited to US citizens at the moment. Deadline for your applications will be February 27th. In case, your idea gets accepted by the project team, you will be allowed to preorder Glass for around $1500.

The current features allow you to basically project 2D information such as pictures, text and navigational information equipped with graphics into your view. However, with state-of-the-art computer vision techniques supported by additional sensors such as GPS that might become part of the device, it is very likely that registration and visualization of 3D objects in the real environment, e.g. virtual anatomy superimposed on a patient, will be the next step.