Second Edition of the Book „Visual Computing for Medicine“ has been Released

Bernhard Preim and Charl Botha have released their second edition of the book “Visual Computing for Medicine” (see also Big headlines are Acquisition, Analysis, and Interpretation of Medical Volume Data, Visualization and Exploration of Medical Volume Data, Advanced Medical Visualization Techniques, Visualization of High-Dimensional Medical Image Data, Treatment planning, guidance and training. Of course the book also covers various approaches in Medical Augmented Reality.

Bernhard Preim says: “The new edition of the book „Visual Computing in Medicine“ has a broader scope and involves new chapters, e.g., on human computer interaction related to medical image data, biomedical simulations, projection-based techniques and applications in ENT surgery. The other chapters are carefully updated and provide a link to the current research. In particular, intraoperative visualization, computer-assisted medical education, imaging technologies and virtual endoscopy have been widely extended. For a faster reading of more basic stuff, „advanced topics“ are highlighted and may be skipped in a first reading. In addition to the printed book, five online chapters are available freely at the book website maintained by the authors”

Enjoy reading!