Vuzix Head-Worn Displays to Target Medical Markets

In October 2013, I met Dan Cui of the company Vuzix at the InsideAR event in Munich to talk about their current product portfolio. According to Dan, there are four head worn devices available at the moment that allow for Augmented Reality views, i.e. virtual 3D objects can be registered and displayed in the 3D environment of the user. These devices are the Wrap 1200DXAR, the Star 1200XLD, the M2000 and the M100.

With respect to their usage for enhancing medical workflows, Dan sais “applications that deal with pre, intra and post surgical procedures seem to be the most welcome by the medical teams.  This includes patient check list data, procedural checks and peer-to-peer video/audio communications.”

But also “1st responder and other trauma apps are other areas of high interest by the medical market”. On stage in his talk at InsideAR Dan added patient medical history, patient’s vital data as well as symptom identification and documentation to the list of application domains in the medical field that Vuzix has in mind to drive the process of designing their displays.


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