Medical Topics at InsideAR 2014

We have reported recently about Campus Interactive and the use of Augmented Reality to train nurses with an individualized mannequin.

Standard training mannequins like SimMan are equipped with technology to simulate physiology of a real human. Sometimes they are equipped with loudspeakers to let them speak via an avatar or surgical entry ports to imitate an operation site. However, cultural and demographic aspects are not taken into account when mimicking a patient. Here Campus Interactive comes into play, which uses a tablet PC as an Augmented Reality window to project videos of different patient faces onto the face of the manniquin.

In his talk „AR for Dummies – giving SimMAN some personality“ at InsideAR 2014, Rupert Forsythe of Campus Interactive presented the technology behind this app and its motivation. He highlighted the key factors for the beneficial application of Augmented Reality for educational purposes, which are

  • Engage the students with technology  they know and understand
  • Enhance learning in a meaningful way using visualization
  • Enrich the student experience in and out the learning environment

Also I would like to share an interview of Kavin Andi of St George’s Hospital and Medical School, University of London that had been conducted by right at InsideAR 2014.

Kavin Andi shares his ideas how to use Augmented Reality technology in combination with 3D imaging data and planning information to support facial reconstruction surgery.