Joint MMVR and CARS 2015 Conference

The NextMed/MMVR (Medicine Meets  Virtual Reality) conference will be co-located with the CARS (Computer Assisted Radiology & Surgery) conference. The event will take place in Barcelona, Spain in June 2015 (June 24 MMVR/IFCARS Session and June 24 – 27, 2015 CARS).

Here is the call for participation with further details:

Call for Papers Announced: Deadline January 12
The organizers of the NextMed/MMVR Conference invite submissions to the 1st MMVR / IFCARS Joint Conference on Human Machine Interface.

Our new collaboration with the CARS Congress will promote interaction between two research communities that share many goals for healthcare technology and patient care.

We welcome researchers to share their work at CARS in Barcelona on June 24, 2015.

MMVR / IFCARS Invited TopicsThis inaugural MMVR / IFCARS session invites presentations on:

  • New Frontiers in Brain-Computer Interface
  • Analytical Methods for Understanding the Brain’s Operation
  • Imaging Brain Function and Brain Fingerprinting
  • The Brain, Neuron-Silicon Integration, and Prosthetics
  • Advanced Prosthesis and Exo-Skeletons
  • Toward the Bionic Vision
  • Wearables/Apps for Wellness
  • Sensors and Continuous Health Intelligence
  • Sensor Acquisition and Communication Systems (SACS)
  • Standards in Transfer and Aggregation of the Clinically Designed Sensor Data
  • Standards in Sensor Data Modeling and Analysis
  • Augmented Reality as a Rehabilitation Tool
  • Augmented Reality for  Behavioral Therapy
  • Augmented Reality as a Feedback Mechanism for Wearable Wellness Data
  • Validation Standards and regulatory Clearance Issues for Human-Machine Interface
  • Ethical Issues in Brain-Computer Interface and Machine Intelligence in Medicine

Submission Guidelines

Please see these three pages for critical details:

Note that the January 12, 2015, submission deadline is very strict. Submission, review, and registration for the MMVR / IFCARS Joint Conference follow the protocol of the CARS Congress. Acceptance for presentation and publication will adhere to CARS standards.

Ramin Shahidi PhD and Dave Warner MD PhD, members of our Organizing Committee and Satava Award recipients, will chair the MMVR / IFCARS session.

Since 1985, the CARS Congress has showcased top-level healthcare technology research around the world. And with this new venture, we are excited to bring some of the unique qualities of NextMed/MMVR to Europe for the first time.

Come join us!