Augmented Reality Mirror for Teaching Anatomy in Informal Learning Environments

Recently, I have installed the medicalAR Mirror (one of my side projects, see also,  equipped with the App Thorax Viewer at the Anatomical Museum of the University of Basel, Switzerland. With the help of hand gestures, the installation allows visitors of the museeum to interactively visualize the anatomy of the upper body including muscles, skeleton and major organs.


The Augmented Reality Software „medicalAR Mirror“ generates a digital mirror image of the user simulating the view into the own body onto the anatomy. It allows to intuitively and interactively transfer knowledge about the topology of organs, the stabilizing function of muscles and skeleton and much more.


Future applications of the „medicalAR Mirror“ address the communication among physicians and patients in the doctor’s offices. The personalized and intuitive presentation of complex medical information is supposed to support joint decision making on the most appropriate therapy as well as positively changing individual lifestyles and avoiding unhealthy habits and behaviors such as smoking.

The software is able to augment the view into the body with various types of data. At the moment, this includes generic 3D datasets of a standard anatomy as well as patient specific data acquired from medical imaging modalities such as CT or MRI.

Christoph Bichlmeier

Christoph Bichlmeier

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