AR Topics at CURAC in Bremen 2015

As a representative and speaker for ARRI Medical I got the chance to attend the German annual Meeting CURAC addressing computer and robotic assisted surgery.

Here are a few notes from the meeting:

Dr.-Ing. Andrea Schenk, Fraunhofer MEVIS and Prof. Dr. med. Karl J. Oldhafer, Asklepios Klinik Barmbek together gave a keynote talk on clinical challenges and computer assisted Solutions for liver surgery. Along with a beautiful insight to the workflow how to treat liver disease Mrs. Schenk also introduced the liver Explorer, a tablet PC based augmented reality system. Using the camera and the display as a video see-through AR window allows superimposing a 3D model of the liver enriched with planning information onto the real liver of the patient. Registration is done manually, which is however sufficient for „transferring the important Information into the sterile area of the surgical site“ as Dr. Oldhafer says.

A whole separate session chaired by Stefanie Speidel,  KIT in Karlsruhe and Thomas Klenzner, ENT department of Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf addressed topics related to „Augmented Reality, Visualization and Interfaces“.

  • MRI-based visualization and augmented reality for breast surgery planning and guidance Christina Stoecker, Markus Harz, Margrethe Schlooz-Vries, Ritse Mann, Kathy Schilling, Joseph Colletta, Joachim Georgii, Torben Paetz, Horst Karl Hahn
  • Gaze-Based Annotations: Labels on Demand Patrick Saalfeld, André Mewes, Christian Hansen, Bernhard Preim
  • Bestimmung günstiger Sichtpunkte zur Betrachtung von Vermessungsergebnissen in 3D-Szenen für die Chirurgische Interventionsplanung Ivo Rössling, Lars Dornheim, Bernhard Preim
  • Tool-mounted Ring Displays for Intraoperative Navigation Marc Herrlich, Jöran Benker, David Black, Frank Dylla, Rainer Malaka
  • Design, evaluation and augmented reality visualization of a vocal fold tissue phantom for optical coherence tomography Daniel P. Coelho, Mariana Guerra M. Garcia, Andreas Schoob, Dennis Kundrat, Lüder A. Kahrs, Tobias Ortmaier

In a special session chaired by Thomas Wittenberg, Fraunhofer IIS the BMWI funded project „3DInMed“ has been introduced to the public. One part of the project will address the integration of Augmented Reality solutions into the digital operating microscope ARRISCOPE of the company ARRI and the digital endoscopes of the company Schölly.

  • 3D-Verarbeitung und Visualisierung mit Optischen Modalitäten Jean-Claude Rosenthal, Fraunhofer HHI, Berlin
  • Die Digitalisierung der Operationsmikroskopie Christoph Bichlmeier, ARRI, München
  • Aspekte der 3D Endoskopie Niels Lemke, Schölly, Denzlingen
  • Panorama Endoskopie – von 2D zu 3D Thomas Wittenberg, Fraunhofer IIS

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