Helping Autists to Interact with Their Social Environment

Arshya Vahabzadeh, a pediatric psychiatrist, speaks in the interview with The Doctor Weighs In  about his work with the company Brain Power developing transformable, wearable technologies for children with autism to learn crucial live skills. With the help of Google Glass apps  learning of those skills becomes gamified. The device records the Scene seen by the autist, in particular the face of a conversation partner, tracks the face position and decodes emotions from facial expressions.

In the interview a learning app is introduced that teaches for example how to learn looking into the eyes of one’s conversation partner. By superimposing comics characters, e.g. an angry bird character, onto the face of the interlocutor, interaction including looking into the eyes, is driven by an additional stimulus. A stimulus, which is potentially better received by a child. On a second level games help autists decode emotions.


Christoph Bichlmeier

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