MagicLeap and Medical Applications

Also MagicLeap puts Augmented Reality into a medical context. Of course they do 😉 However, I’d like to see the virtual heart model rather inside the patient pumping virtual blood through vascular structures than floating above the patient (see Website ). Anyhow, those video demos having been published so far prove a seamless integration of virtual objects into the real environment. Registration seems to be robust and accurate. The aesthetics of composing real and virtual (light effects, depth cues and harmonization of colors) is really breathtaking.

In their patent, MagicLeap gets a little more detailed on their view how to apply their technology to medical workflows. The section “User Experience Health Care Example“ describes some of their objectives how to take advantage of Augmented Reality:

Intraoperatively, AR would allow involving “a virtually rendered consulting or visiting surgeon” while conducting a pre-operative planning session for an upcoming mitral valve replacement procedure.” To better understand the pathological situation Augmented Reality would be used to render “a patient’s pre-mapped anatomy (e.g., heart) in 3D for the team to analyze during the planning.” Also other patient information, “e.g., identification information” or “medical images, vital signs, charts” could be rendered onto a suitable location in the OR. Augmented Reality also could be used to calm down the patient before and after the surgery e.g. to let the patient “perceive any type of relaxing environment that the patient may desire”. With respect to patient education, Augmented Reality could support the “meeting or debriefing between the surgeon and patient.”

Once this technology is accessible, I’m sure it will have the same impact on its audience like the virtual dinosaurs in the first Jurassic Park movie. BUT, Augmented Reality is interactive! Can’t wait to finally understand what’s going on at MagicLeap!

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