Augmented Reality T-Shirts by Wayuco

Wayuco is a new brand for design t-shirts. But their designs have a special feature. They can be used as tracking targets, which are detected by Wayuco software on smartphone or tablet devices to project an animation onto the design. This turns a still image or written statement into a whole story and opens an endless field of creativity for marketing products, emphasizing political statements or simply showing artwork. Since shirts cover upper bodies, of course also the augmentation of animated anatomy would be an interesting application.

Ricardo Fernandez, a 34 years old spanish, resident in Switzerland, co-founder of a brand called Wayuco says: „For the moment, we’ve developed three different designs, with their own animations, but we want to do more, and that’s why we’ve just started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, to get financial support and bring Wayuco project into life.“

So, if you like the idea and see the potential for your application check out their crowdfunding link: and their website