Autor: Christoph Bichlmeier

IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR)

In 1998, the first meeting of the international Augmented Reality community took place in San Francisco, USA. This so called IEEE Workshop on Augmented Reality (IWAR) laid the foundation for the today’s most important annual conference addressing scientific topics of…

Medical Augmented Reality Blog

The combination of Augmented Reality technology and the power of today’s medical imaging modalities have resulted in a novel approach of presenting anatomy. Medical Augmented Reality has the potential to overcome many problems of previous media forms that intended to…

Workshop on Augmented environments for Medical Imaging and Computer-aided Surgery (AMI-ARCS)

Augmented Environments for Medical Imaging including Augmented Reality in Computer-Aided Surgery (AMI ARCS) is a satellite workshop of the international conference edical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention.