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Augmented Reality for Plastic Surgery

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Augmented Reality has the power of equipping our environments with virtual elements to make life more efficient, more interesting, or simply more playful. We can also use AR to support our imagination in case of “what if … ” scenarios,…

Human Cell Visualization with Augmented Reality

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Exploring microscopic worlds is fascinating by its own. But when things become interactive and additional information is presented at the right place the learning experience becomes even better. Great Job Markus Santoso!   MARMore Posts

AR/VR 2017 in London

There will be another exiting Mixed Reality event taking place on the 7th – 8th March at the ExCel, London, which is AR/VR 2017. The gathering „aims to bring together some of the biggest minds from within the industry for two days…

3d4medical Presents a Showcase of an AR Body Browser

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Here you can see the virtual counterpart of Gunter von Hagens „body worlds“, however, much more interactive and a much clearer focus on the subject – the exploration of anatomy. Virtual anatomy models are placed at your preferred learning environment.…