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Applications of Augmented Reality in the medical domain.

Human Cell Visualization with Augmented Reality

Screenshot taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAT92y6gzeg

Exploring microscopic worlds is fascinating by its own. But when things become interactive and additional information is presented at the right place the learning experience becomes even better. Great Job Markus Santoso!   MARMore Posts

3d4medical Presents a Showcase of an AR Body Browser

Screenshot of http://completeanatomy.3d4medical.com/

Here you can see the virtual counterpart of Gunter von Hagens „body worlds“, however, much more interactive and a much clearer focus on the subject – the exploration of anatomy. Virtual anatomy models are placed at your preferred learning environment.…

Augmented Reality T-Shirts by Wayuco


Wayuco is a new brand for design t-shirts. But their designs have a special feature. They can be used as tracking targets, which are detected by Wayuco software on smartphone or tablet devices to project an animation onto the design. This turns a still image or written statement into a…

First AR, VR and 360° Video trade show in Köln, Germany


From the 20th to 25th of September, the very first iteration of the trade show and expo DIGILITY will take place in Köln, Germany covering the topics Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360-Degree-Videos. DIGILITY is a satellite event of the photokina under the motto„New realities. New…