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Exhibition Combining an Anatomical Wax Cabinet and Art

You are looking for inspiration to design the Augmented Reality based view into the body and visualize anatomy? Then take a look at the hostorical approaches how to achieve appealing, instructive views into the human body. Recently, the exhibition Blicke !…

Learning from Artists How to Design the Immersive View

When having started developing Augmented Reality views into the body, I got a lot inspired by artists, who have designed those views using different media formats. One of the most exiting artists in this field is Alexander Tsiaras, Founder, CEO…

The 21st Century Style of Anatomical Illustration

Andreas Vesalius, celebrating his 500th birthday in 2014 would definetively like the art works created by ffoart.


Finally an Augmented Reality gadget for medical applications that is waterproof! The Australian company BlackMilk offers the “Dem Guts Swimsuit” for 90 $ that shows a print of the major organs.

Remaining questions: Do lungs get sunburn? Which organs do piranhas like most? How to get rid of  the sand on the intestine?

Dem Guts Swimsuit (http://blackmilkclothing.com/collections/swimsuits/products/dem-guts-swimsuit)

Dem Guts Swimsuit (http://blackmilkclothing.com/collections/swimsuits/products/dem-guts-swimsuit)