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Selected videos in the field of Medical Augmented Reality.

Human Cell Visualization with Augmented Reality

Screenshot taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAT92y6gzeg

Exploring microscopic worlds is fascinating by its own. But when things become interactive and additional information is presented at the right place the learning experience becomes even better. Great Job Markus Santoso!   MARMore Posts

3d4medical Presents a Showcase of an AR Body Browser

Screenshot of http://completeanatomy.3d4medical.com/

Here you can see the virtual counterpart of Gunter von Hagens „body worlds“, however, much more interactive and a much clearer focus on the subject – the exploration of anatomy. Virtual anatomy models are placed at your preferred learning environment.…

Microsoft HoloLens: Build 2016 Keynote – Medical Demo

snapshot taken from the Microsoft HoloLens: Build 2016 Keynote

Last night, Pamela Davis of Case Western Reserve University, Ohio took the opportunity to promote medical applications at the Microsoft Build 2016 conference. In particular, teaching anatomy including the incorporation of remote teachers as holograms represented as 3D icons of…

MagicLeap and Medical Applications

Also MagicLeap puts Augmented Reality into a medical context. Of course they do 😉 However, I’d like to see the virtual heart model rather inside the patient pumping virtual blood through vascular structures than floating above the patient (see Website…